On the Art of Thinking

Do you remember when you used to just sit and think?

You weren’t idly staring at your phone screen, thumbing down a newsfeed.

You weren’t flicking through channels or reading a newspaper cover to cover.

You weren’t mindlessly eating dinner whilst watching YouTube videos.

No.  You were just sitting and thinking.  Not meditating.  Not practicing.  Nothing too fancy or too ‘in vogue.’  Just pure, simple thinking.

Maybe about the day.


le penseur
          Rodin’s Le Penseur                   (picture courtesy: Wikipedia)

Maybe about your dreams.

Maybe about your family or your friends or the next vacation you wish to take.

Maybe you were drafting a poem to write, a song to sing, or that next play you’ll have to execute on the field or rink.

We rarely see anyone thinking anymore.  If a task is too hard to grasp, we’d rather just quickly look up the answer or the ‘how to’ online.  I watch my students as they immediately leave classes at break time and at lecture’s end, eyes glued to their phones, leaving behind the processing and reflecting piece that is so helpful in the learning cycle.

We don’t want to sit alone, eat alone, wait alone…breathe alone.

Do you remember when we used to sit and think?

It was before SIM cards and data packages and WIFI and wikipedia.

Long before newsfeeds and tweets and emoticons were even words.

Long before email overflowed us, social networks overexposed us, and the internet seemed to own us.

Do you remember when we used to sit and think?

We still do…but it’s only when we’re forced to…which is often when our screens tell us that our data package is out of range.

Travel truly is our greatest escape.


One thought on “On the Art of Thinking

  1. I’ve just read this and am sitting here thinking about it…AND YOU! So right on! Love Mom

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