TOP FIVE Things I Love About Canada: HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!!

Happy Canada Day, dear readers!!!!!

In honour of this day we are taking a slight break from Foodie Friday (don’t worry, it will be published tomorrow) to bring you my…


  1. Multiculturalism is written into our constitution.  We literally have a Multiculturalism Act and Section 27 of our Constitution states, “This Charter shall be interpreted in a manner consistent with the preservation and enhancement of the multicultural heritage of Canadians.”  Yes, while other countries are worrying about multiculturalism we seek to EMBRACE it…not only culturally, but legally.  We might come from extremely different backgrounds, but it is the fact that we are “Canadian” that unites us.

    No, this isn’t a street sign in Iceland…it’s an Icelandic sign in Manitoba, where the largest settlement of Icelanders outside of Iceland resides!

2. Our French and English heritages.  Canada boasts two very distinct cultural-linguistic heritages that are represented not only in our Official Languages Act, but are also showcased throughout the country in music, art, and culture.  Most people think of Quebec because it is our official French province, but all provinces have francophone Canadians, not to mention New Brunswick which is our bilingual province.  The bringing together of two very distinct linguistic cultures into one beautiful country is something that makes Canada unique and amazing.

A street sign in Ottawa at the Parliament Buildings.  Our country has very clear language laws.

3. Our peaceful heritage.  Yes, we are continuing to righting the wrongs of our treatment of First Nations peoples, and no, we have not always been perfect.  But Canada does have an international reputation for our peaceful nature for a reason.  For example, it was our former Prime Minister, Lester B. Pearson, who really initiated peacekeeping as an item line within the United Nations.  Culturally we are peace-finders and peace-makers.


4. The Geographic Diversity. You can go downtown Toronto and take in a cultural show, a world-class museum, or a sports game before tasting exquisite fine dining – all in the fourth largest North American City.  Or you can drive for an hour and a half and enter Algonquin Park – an almost 8000 km squared nature reserve where you could canoe and camp for days seeing nothing but moose, deer, and other wildlife – but absolutely no humans.  We are on three oceans and boast the most fresh water for any country, thanks to our many rivers and lakes.  From mountains to valleys, snow to humidity, ice shields to forest, we are truly geographically diverse!

(picture courtesy:

5. Most of us are looking out for each other.  Car out of battery?  A stranger will stop their car, get out their booster, and help you.  Entering a restaurant from the blistery cold outside?  The person leaving will first open the door for you and wait until you are warmly sheltered.  Looking a little lost? Someone will help you with directions.  Yes, Canadians get our friendly reputation for a reason…most people are thinking of the other person and genuinely will go out of their way to help!  It’s the reason why it’s somehow appropriate for you to say “sorry” if someone bumps into you…and the reason why most Canadians actually know and have a relationship with their neighbours!

it’s even encouraged!

Now check out this video to learn How to be a Canadian, thanks to CBC Comedy!

Happy Canada Day!!!!




2 thoughts on “TOP FIVE Things I Love About Canada: HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!!

  1. What a GREAT BLOG! TOTALLY LOVED that video!!!! She said CHESTERFIELD!!!!! Hope all your friends note THAT part when they watch it! Enjoy a great Canada Day, eh!!!!!

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