How to…Help Yourself When You’re Injured/Sick

My current reality is that of dealing with an injury (see Exhibit A).  This reminded me how important it is as a traveller to be prepared to be your own first line of defence when contending with injuries and illness.

Yes, doctors and hospitals and health clinics are important, but often it is yourself – your very first line of defence that can speed up a successful recovery.  Similarly, travels in remote areas away from hospitals may force you to become your own initial “nurse”.

Exhibit A: my current state (which happened on the way to the airport…you never know when and where injury might set in!)  And just as “ICER” tells me, as soon as we got to the airport, we sought out ice!

Here are a couple of acronyms that every traveller should know:


Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast.

Stomach ache? Flu? Onset diarrhoea?  These foods are gentle on your stomach and easier to digest.  Since you need to stay nourished, a combination of these foods can help.  Also, it is almost impossible to find a culture that does not have at least one of these items.


Ice. Compression. Elevate. Rest.

Possible sprain? Can’t move your muscle? Major pain?

ICER tells you exactly what to do and in what order.

This little book has been extremely helpful, especially when I am going to remote areas.  It’s light and easy to pack – I always have it in my first aid kit and recommend something similar.

No, I’m not a medical doctor and no, I don’t think this information should replace professional advice.  But travellers need to be proactive in supporting their own health.  You are your own first line of defence.

Stay healthy…stay travelling!



4 thoughts on “How to…Help Yourself When You’re Injured/Sick

  1. Such important info for travelling…one NEVER KNOWS what may happen or when! (aren’t you just living proof of THAT!) So glad you had the foresight to go get ice at the airport. With all the travelling you do, that book is a necessity… Take care of yourself…and thanks for reminding everyone to do the same. I find an acronym is pretty much the easiest form of remembering things…thanks! Love Mom

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