Enjoying Vineyards while Alcohol (or wine) Free 

One of the well-known facts about South Africa is the amazing wines that come from these lands, including the native Pinotage – one of my favourites to sip at home while curled up with a good book. 

A wine tasting was one of the events I was most looking forward to when planning my Capetown travels. And I’m excited to come back with my husband because we both share this love.  (Look how stunning these “sits” would be, wine in hand or not):

However, my friend with whom I am currently travelling is more a beer than wine person. I also grew up in a dry household and so am more than slightly aware that wine, and/or alcohol in general, is not on everyone’s list of things they either enjoy or choose to consume. 

On Tuesday when we were done our second wine tasting, Kristen elected to also do a beer tasting (side note: lots of craft beer in South Africa, so you can probably work in a tasting or 2 if you prefer your brew over your grapes…) 

It was in this moment that I thought – what would this day look like if I were here with my mom? My mom doesn’t drink, but loves travel, adventure, and beautiful places like the best of them! 

(Mom, this “sit” is for you):  
What I really liked about all the places we visited is that wine was the focus, but it was not the end point. Kristen and I purposely chose a wine tour that went to smaller wineries…more local and “greener”. In so doing, we didn’t just consume wine; rather, we walked into a chocolate tasting (including dark + strawberry and milk chocolate chai), meat tastings (various biltong and sausage assortments), and a cheese tasting!  All of these items were produced on or around the vineyard’s farm.  

Our lunch was overlooking beautiful hillsides and the distinctively rolling greens of the vineyards. Truly breathtaking!  

Below: meat and cheese pairings (I’m sure you would get more if you were only tasting the food) 

So, if you’re venturing to South Africa, or any country where wine is a major production, don’t shy away from visiting these beautiful lands. I’d even suggest getting in touch with a smaller travel agency, explaining you aren’t a drinker, and asking for suggestions. 

I love my vino, but even without it would have been a beautiful day with lovely meat, cheese, and chocolate tastings! Enjoy 🙂 

A few more beautiful pics….



One thought on “Enjoying Vineyards while Alcohol (or wine) Free 

  1. THANK YOU FOR THE WONDERFUL “SIT”!!! How beautiful… I see you’re both enjoying what Capetown and South Africa has to offer! Love seeing that amazing scenery… Take care… Love to you both… Mom

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