Beautiful and Eerie 

Yesterday we went to Robben Island. This is where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated for well over two decades and where many other political prisoners (and criminals prisoners) were held. 

Our tour was undertaken by a former political prisoner himself. How he is able to return to this place where he was held captive I will never really understand. 

I have no words. It’s difficult to process something so tragic and also so known to societies.

I could not take pictures of the jail itself. People differ, but for me it did not seem appropriate. Attached is one scenic picture from this island. 

To end, sometimes there are no clear words, there is only mere thought and emotion. And the devotion to learning from history. Which we all can. 

Below – Capetown in the background, followed by a scene from Robben Island, featuring the Atlantic Ocean.    



One thought on “Beautiful and Eerie 

  1. Pretty sobering…as you stated so well…learning from history!!!!!!!!! We never seem to ‘get’ it! Love Mom

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