What You Should Read Next

So I know the feeling.  It’s June 1st.  People are looking forward to school ending (if you’re in the teaching/instructing/or parenthood camp) or just setting out for their long-awaited vacations.

And part of you wonders “what should I get ready to read on my trips?!”

Or, “what book should I bring to the pool?”

Well, don’t worry…I’ve got you covered!!!!dubious

Rachel McMillan’s e-novella came out today and it’s INCREDIBLE.  Okay, well, I haven’t read it yet to be honest, but Rachel’s books are delightful and amazing and have amazing reviews because they’re all so divine…so I know this one won’t disappoint!

It’s called “Of Dubious and Questionable Memorable” – no one writes a title like that unless they’re a literary GENIUS!!!!!!

Head to Amazon here and you can download this baby!  It’s ONLY THREE DOLLARS!!!!!  So you’ll be fine.  And if you’ve read her other amazing books, including her DEBUT novel, The Bachelor Girl’s Guide to Murder, then you will be excited for the next adventure with Jem and Merinda.

I am flying to Capetown Friday night and this is going to be my plane read.  So excited!

Happy travels…and happy reading!!!!!  And thanks, Rachel, for your continual awesome prose.


One thought on “What You Should Read Next

  1. Thanks for promoting the e-book! Hope it is well received… You’ll be busy the next couple of days… Love you Mom

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