The Maldives: And Why Leaving My Phone Behind Was the Best Idea

Two years with my best friend.  The Maldives was…amazing, incredible, delightful, beautiful.  Ken and I spent time laughing, relaxing, playing games, windsurfing, snorkelling, reading, and just having an absolutely incredible time in a picturesque place.  The Maldives was awesome!

In my last post I told you all I was leaving my phone at home.  I wanted to concentrate on my time with Ken, disconnecting from the outside world.  Am I ever glad!  For 2 key reasons:  firstly, it was our anniversary trip and spending every waking moment hanging out with the love of my life rather than focussing on externalities was a blessing.

You’ll see this is a picture within a picture within a picture.  The initial pic was us on our wedding day; thereafter we take pictures on our anniversary holding pictures of the last.  This was Ken’s brilliant idea and I LOVE it.  I don’t think this is the final cut from this year’s anniversary, but it is a great reminder of the beauty in which were engulfed on the day we entered our third year of marriage.

Secondly, Ken and I both witnessed the ramifications of people who did not take the time to disconnect: indeed, we peacefully watched several out-of-this-world sunsets while people next to us were focussed instead on their miniature screens.  We watched as couples and families sat around the dinner table playing or chatting on their phones rather than spending time together.

All I will say is that as much as Instagram, Twitter, WordPress, Facebook, and all these other social media sites help us to connect…sometimes the best way to experience while travelling is through pure disconnection!  This post will be me sharing some of our highlights – a beautiful place with memorable pictures.

But first, let me say that by “experiential” travel this time, I don’t mean about the country.  Sure, we did try to chat with the resort staff, take in the scenery, and get to know a few things about the Maldives through reading and asking.  But let’s be honest – sitting on a resort is NOT the best way to get to know a country.  I recognize that.  But what I did get in experiencing was time with my husband.  And that, dear friends, was exactly what was of the essence.  Sometimes experiencing is more about relationships while travelling, rather than the travel itself. (side note: there will be a future post on how to pick resorts to ensure that they contribute to economic development).

But for now, here’s a few of my favourite pictures that capture the beauty that is this wonderful country made up of many islands…

Ken captured this brilliant picture from our water villa one night.
Every sunset was incredible! (PS I’m wearing my anniversary pashmina in this picture :))
Literally every sunset!
just lying, watching, no duties, relaxing, was amazing. There’s something so spiritual and reflective about the water and the sunset.  And these glow lights which looked like makeup smoothers.
another focus on picture-in-picture for our anniversary. Look at that water colour!

Dolphins..and on the boat watching the dolphins!!!

Very cool snorkelling – yes in front those are the legs to the water villas!
Fishies need their dinner too; the sea-life in the Maldives is incredible!
so peaceful.
and lots of really fun summer drinks to be had in the ocean of perfect temperature!

So there’s your little glance in our week away to celebrate two years of marriage!  I’m blessed to have the greatest life partner…and to have experienced such a perfect time away with my best friend!


3 thoughts on “The Maldives: And Why Leaving My Phone Behind Was the Best Idea

  1. Yes, disconnecting is so important to experiencing things! Sometimes I feel like the worst example of a photographer, because I just don’t want to pull out a device and “Capture” the moment… I just want to “be” in that moment, and relax, dang it! It feels so good. Looking forward to your post about picking a resort that helps support local economic development. We stayed at a resort in Fiji that I think supported that, and I like to think it did, but I don’t really know! I’m crossing my fingers…


    1. Thanks, Sonja. I’m so sorry I missed this message somehow 🙂 you’re absolutely right about disconnecting –> and that must be especially difficult though as a photographer!!!

      I’m sure your Fiji resort was jjst fine but stay tuned this week t find out. Hope you’re well 🙂


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