Gluten-Free Australia

Australia is gluten-free paradise!  From options at restaurants, to supermarkets exploding with gluten free products, to ciders on tap, you will not go hungry on your gluten-free Australia vacation!

Australia protects its environment by not allowing much food stuffs into the country.  Trust me – you won’t need to bring in anything!  Whether you’re coeliac or have an allergy, you will be able to eat, and eat well, in Australia.

GF options at restaurants are abundant (including the obscurest of places).  In addition, there are so many picnic places and free outdoor BBQs available that shopping at the grocery store for products and making your own food is a very economical, and beautiful outdoorsy, option.  I also recommend this because restaurants in Australia are expensive, often quizzically so (for example, $10 for literally just 2 poaches eggs and 2 pieces of bread!)

Read below for photo evidence of Australia, the GF Paradise!

Sushi rolls bought at little shops along the street make a great snack!  Most places offer GF soy sauce!
The waiter at this Greek restaurant pointed out what food options were my “friends” and which were certainly not!  The great thing about Australia is that all wait staff are aware of the need for GF separation and are very knowledgeable about what food you can, and cannot, eat.  If you’re coeliac, kitchens are very friendly and would most definitely welcome you in to verify your meal!
My favourite meat – lamb – with beautiful fresh toppings.
At a CIDER tasting.  That’s right!!!! A CIDER TASTING!!!!  Ciders are FREQUENTLY available on tap, including at breweries (so you can go on brewery tours and not feel like the odd woman out with your red wine!)  Every. Single. Place. I went had cider options.  And not just one regular:  an assortment of flavours and brands!
With a large population of Asian immigrants, Australia is also home to many Asian restaurants, including Vietnamese, Malaysian (pictured above), Japanese, and Chinese, to name a few.  Resulting, there are restaurants which are NATURALLY gluten free.  Just watch out for the soy sauce (but you can simply request the GF, which they probably have!
Me with fresh BBQ-ed prawns and cider (that was on tap!) at a food festival along the Great Ocean Road.
See this sign?!  This is the NORM here, people!!!!!
Despite the ridiculously expensive Australian restaurant scene, eating gluten free won’t break the bank (more than their restaurants already do! 🙂 )
Enjoying my GF burger at Jimmy’s – we arrived in Cairns and ended up at this restaurant on their opening night.  I hope they do well because this bun was delicious and STAYED TOGETHER for the whole meal!
Kopparberg Fruit on tap.  This pub also had THREE other cider options available, including 1 pear (my fav!)
Grocery shopping at the end: with aisles and aisles of gluten free goodness from which to choose!

The options are so plentiful that Ken and I went GF grocery shopping before we left to bring home.  If you’re GF like me, I HIGHLY recommend Australia for a safe, foodie dream vacation!

Happy gluten free paradise in Australia!!!!


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  1. Great! Did Dad see that burger? Was thinking of Michael Gray yesterday on his b-day…and see your post…you must have been working on it yesterday…it could be a magazine article! Love you Mom

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