Exploring Small Towns & Landscapes

We have been loving our Australian minutes. Turns out Melbourne is almos eerily similar to Toronto. In so many ways, I feel right at home in this culture and yet, of course, the country is still completely different. 

A highlight so far has been exploring little towns and local establishments along the way. It’s awesome for me that gluten free everything, including delicious bread, seems pretty ubiquitous so far. The wine varieties are delicious, cider locally brewed and on tap is a plus, and there’s a real feel for sustainability. 

Today’s experiential lesson: get out of the city and explore the surroundings! Life is too short and weather often too beautiful. Plus seeing both rural and urban life is a necessity for enriching your understanding of a place. 

I end this quick blog with some pictures – tomorrow is an early morning setting out for the Great Ocean Road!  Happy travelling, inside and outside cityscapes!! 

enjoying beautiful scenery by the vineyards in the Yarra Valley
with my love in such beautiful surroundings- i feel blessed!
wine tasting with our friends and amazing hosts!!
we made it to a great variety of vineyards today. such great wine and such beautiful landscape!


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