Prepping for Our Vietnam Holiday

It’s Eid Al Adha so I wish all of you Eid Mubarak!   I am off on holiday and, as chance has it, my husband’s leave coincides with mine!  So tomorrow we are off to Vietnam.

We’ve tried to go to Vietnam twice already, but sickness and work seem to get in the way…so I might just stay home today and wrap myself in bubblewrap and eat nothing but potatoes (easy to digest, definitely not going to make me ill).

Anyways, it’s been a busy work week so I’m a little bit in that state of “I can’t believe I get to go to Vietnam tomorrow”, in part because Miss Saigon is among my absolute favourite stage performances and it’s so cool to be able to be in Ho Chi Minh city for the weekend.

hoping to read at least some of this book today....and bring it with me...even after the trip, reflecting through this book will be interesting
hoping to read at least some of this book today….and bring it with me…even after the trip, reflecting through this book will be interesting

So here’s what I’ve been doing in preparation:

  1. I just took out this book by travel writer Gavin Young “A Wavering Grace” which hopefully will get me better acquainted with the history of Vietnam and its fairly recent war (and escape from it which, I have heard, has been a beautiful story of resilience, grace, and forgiveness).
  2. I’ve been searching online (okay…mainly watching Ken search online) via travel sites like Tripadvisor to get better acquainted with the city and ‘must sees.’
  3. I’m reading this National Geographic travel book on Vietnam and getting inspired.  Yes, we are focusing on Ho Chi Minh city and I’m very excited for the museums and the cafes…apparently the legacy of French colonialism has stayed and the cafes especially are a reflection of this.
  4. Gym time!  Ken found us this really awesome bike tour which sounds fabulous…but means my body needs to be ready to move move move.  This is definitely one thing that has kept me going to the gym this week. And as a sidenote – I’ve really been thinking about the importance of fitness for travel: there’s a world of opportunities that open up when you’re physically fit for them!
Travel books are fun for getting your inspired! National Geographic is great for their inspiring pictures and glossy pages but, to be honest, other travel books offer more in the way of detailed maps and information.

Eventually this afternoon I will need to pack, but one of my biggest tips is to ALWAYS HAVE TOILETRIES READILY AVAILABLE.  So it’s going to be pretty easy to whip things into the bag and be ready to go!

So left to do today besides packing:

  1. Make sure I have extra passport photos (always good to have on you e.g. for visas)
  2. Make my list of ‘top five things I have to do’
  3. Make my list of ‘top things I have to eat’
  4. Finish prepping work for next week so that when I come back tired and jetlagged I have nothing to do to prepare for classes.

Anyone else travelling for the Eid holiday? Where are you off to and how are you preparing?

Have a safe and lovely Eid everyone!  Eid Mubarak!


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