Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

You know what’s awesome about travelling?  Getting out of your comfort zone.  Doing things you wouldn’t normally do.  Learning new skills.  Embracing life.  Stopping being your timid self and embracing a new moment.  I LOVE that about travel!  You can recreate who you are.  You can try new things.

I’ve been really getting into art lately.  By ‘getting into’ I mean exploring painting and watercolours and sketching.

My dad, Gerry, working away on a portrait. He makes it look so easy!
My dad, Gerry, working away on a portrait.
He makes it look so easy!  PS if this means anything to you – yes, that IS a Kenora Dinner Jacket!

In Florence, my husband blessed me by signing us up for this city tour that included an hour sketching lesson.  It was so special because he completely did it for me – wasn’t really his ‘thing’ at all.  It was really awesome because I got to feel like an artiste hanging out in the Florence piazza.

My dad is a gifted sketch artist and this summer I started learning some tips from him.  It’s amazing how easy he makes the process look…but it’s so nice to have someone to look up to and to encourage my feeble efforts.

When I was in elementary school, I always did poorly in art.  So I just stopped because I decided I wasn’t an artist.  Now at the ripe old age of 32 I’ve decided that I like art even if I’m not going to make millions (or cents) from my work.  It’s just this thing I do for me.

And here’s the awesome thing about travelling…I can go to galleries and sketch and paint all I want…and there’s no one over my shoulder asking why are you drawing? or you’re not really an artist so…was this done by you or a 2 year old?

It doesn’t matter how things turn out because I’m doing it for me.

What about you?  What things were you always hesitant about that now, in the life of travel and adulthood, you can embrace?


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