Helpful Resources for Educators & Researchers

If you’re an educator, or simply someone interested in furthering their knowledge of experiential education, here are some of my go-to resources:

  1. The Association for Experiential Education. => there’s an international conference and also geographically-bound branches.  For example, there are several chapters for US-specific locations, for Canada, and locations around the world!  They also have a blog –

2. The Journal of Experiential Education.  Stay up to date on current research in the area of experiential education, including international travel.

3. Her Own Way – – the Canadian government’s little booklet of helpful tips and information for female travellers.  I always give this to my female students and think ANY female going overseas would benefit from its reading.

4. David Kolb’s “Experiential Learning: Experience as the Source of Learning and Development”.  This 1984 work was published by Prentice Hall and remains a masterpiece in the world of experiential education.  His graphs on learning styles and his experiential learning cycle are critical for thinking through the experiential learning process.

5. UNESCO’s site on experiential learning  – excellent for resources and other reading ideas:


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