What to do about jet lag? 

Last night I woke up at 2 am because my body thought it was 6 pm. I took melatonin, I didn’t spend the day napping, I didn’t drink caffeine. 

But I still got up at 2 am and was awake until 7. 

Dear reader – what are your best tips for overcoming jet lag? 

Answer in the comments please 🙂 I’ll read them hopefully not at 3 in the morning tonight! 


4 thoughts on “What to do about jet lag? 

  1. Personally, I start napping sometime in the afternoon about a week or so before I travel to a very different timezone. When I get there, I don’t even experience jet-lag; I just switch my main sleeping time and my nap.


      1. No, I just nap for an hour or two each day, and I easily adjust to the new timezone by switching them. At least for me it’s as simple as it sounds. Of course if I miss a nap while travelling, I feel very tired for the rest of the day.


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