Finding your perfect camping gear 

Camping is an awesome past time. As I’ve gotten older, the concept of “glamping” (that is, making the camping experience as comfortable as possible, including electricity and showers) has become an attractive option. 
But at the end of the day, is there really anything better than the smell of campfire, cooking your food in the most natural way, and sleeping amongst the sounds of crickets or moose or camel hooves, depending on your whereabouts?! 

But how do you camp well? How do you stay comfortable when you love camping but are in your thirties?!! 

3 essentials for an awesome camping experience:

1) find the perfect tent.  When my husband and I were talking about getting all of our gear, I had one major request –> I’ll camp with you always so long as I can stand up in the tent. A wet bathing suit trying to get off while lying down is to me one of the least favourite aspects of camping. Ken and I have an awesome big tent in which we both feel comfortable. Score!! 

2) air mattress!!!  Back in the day when I went to Algonquin Park with my brother or other places with my childhood friend Tina, we would gather grass and pine needles to try to create something Half comfortable. 

Good-bye young Leah!!! Having an air mattress where you can comfortably sleep can make or break your experience. 

3) gourmet it up!!! Baileys and marshmallows. Fire roasted salmon. Lemon dill asparagus. Let your imagination, and your Pinterest account, be your friend! Glam up your camping meals. 

Yes there are many other things you need : good wood, fire starter, flashlight, something to sleep in…

But always start with the tent, the air mattress, and the gourmet food.  Your camping experience will be beautiful and elevated. 

Happy camping!!!



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