Yoga & Travel: Review of Jade Yoga Mat

In my last post, I spoke of the importance of sport to keep you healthy and to help you engage with your new community when traveling.

But my tip for ensuring that you stay active while on holiday? Find something that travels!

Many people love jogging while traveling because all they need is running shoes.

If you’re on a beach holiday, doing some actual swimming (rather than plopping about in the water) is an easy and effective way to stay in shape.

I just bought myself a fabulous Jade Yoga Travel Mat and was very excited to test it out on our trip to Kata Bay in Phuket, Thailand.

My awesome Jade Yoga Travel Mat.  I LOVE the purple! A definite recommended purchase.  Visit for more info and places to purchase
My awesome Jade Yoga Travel Mat. I LOVE the purple! A definite recommended purchase. Visit for more info and places to purchase


This product is amazing. For starters, their company is a family-run business, American-owned and based, committed to using quality materials that are locally-sourced and sustainable. Jade is committed to good rights and wages for their workers, and to committed themselves to a number of sustainable NGOs.  You can read more about their values and principles at

Besides the company’s values, the Jade travel yoga mat is excellent in that it does what it says it will.

It travels well

The Jade Yoga Travel Mat is just over 3 pounds, making it light enough for even a carry-on!  Secondly, this baby either rolls or folds, making it possible to fit into any size or shape of luggage. I folded this onto the bottom of my carry on making it a breeze to add the rest of my items on top.

2) It is comfortable on the body

The Jade Yoga Travel Mat is slightly heavier than other yoga mats on the market.  Some reviews see this as a flaw. For me, if you are going to do yoga while traveling, it’s worth the extra pound to make sure your practice is comfortable. It doesn’t matter what position I was in – on my back, on my ribs, lying in savasana…the Jade Yoga travel mat is thick enough to provide cushion and support.  To me, I wouldn’t really notice a measly extra pound of storage but I would notice painful ribs.

this is what you're looking for...the Jade TRAVEL yoga mat!
this is what you’re looking for…the Jade TRAVEL yoga mat!

3) It’s so unbelievably non-slippery

This mat is made of rubber. You will not slip out of your pose, even if your hands are sweaty!

4) The colours are so fun!

They have lots of great colours so you can be happy on teal or purple.

5) It’s long enough

My regular yoga mat for at home is extra long so that my 5’9 self can easily go from pose to pose without having to shift myself back onto the mat.  While the Jade Yoga Travel Mat is slightly shorter than what I have at home, it’s still long enough so that I don’t feel the need to shimmy around that much.  If you’re a bit taller or shorter than me, you’d have no problem on this mat!

6) the price reflects the company principles

Yes, it is a bit more expensive than the average yoga mat, but this means you’re paying for quality, worker wages, and the renewing of the rubber tree they use for their product.

Want to practice yoga on the road?  Buy the Jade Yoga Travel Mat…it will not disappoint!


2 thoughts on “Yoga & Travel: Review of Jade Yoga Mat

  1. So glad that yoga mat is doing what it’s SUPPOSED to! So many products/people DON’T these days! Love you Hope you’re having a blast! Mom

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