How to pick a cooking class

Cooking classes are an awesome way to invest more in the culture while also giving yourself one awesome souvenir – the ability to impress your family and friends with your new skills. Not to mention how great it will be to share the new cuisine when you return home, giving you an opportunity to share more about your travels. 

But how to pick the right class with so many cooking schools become the norm throughout many countries???  

cooking class at
 Here are some tips for picking the right cooking class: 

1) decide what’s important to you. For example, Many cooking classes offer market tours which is awesome if you are interested, but annoying if you’ve been to one too many.  Also look for the food you enjoy eating so that you can cook what you most want to. 

2) ask around. Either tripadvisor (excellent source for reviews!!!) or lonely planet or through a simple google search –> look to those who have already been for advice.  

    3) ask if you can keep the recipes. Some places don’t let you which, to me, really defeats the purpose of learning to cook your new favourite dish. Find out before and choose a place where you know you’ll have the tools to recreate at home. 

4) avoid large hotel chains. Not only are they pricier for no reason, but often don’t have the intimate feel of smaller classes. 

5) ask about the class size. It’s best to have a class where you can ask questions and be heard. 8 people or less is a good number for having a more intimate experience. 

6) find out if you’re cooking or just assembling. Some places have everything laid out so all you do is dump pre-cut veggies into a pre-made sauce. If you want to learn to really cook from scratch make sure your classes offers this.  

 7) find out about transportation. Often they will pick you up either for free or far cheaper than local transport. 


8) GO HUNGRY!!!! 

chances are you’ll be eating much more than you anticipated. If there is a market first you might be sampling along the way.  

stirring deliciousness!!!
 Cooking classes are an awesome way to get to know more about food culture and an awesome souvenir that lasts forever. If you want to do experiential travel, I highly recommend finding a cooking class. 

Happy travelling! Happy eating! 


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