They say that travel is a way to see the world.  But for me, travel is a way to see people.  To get to know who they are – their passions, their ideas, their goals.  To connect with humanity, even for a brief moment, on a much grander and deeper level.

From a young age, I was fascinated by others’ cultures.  I remember starting French class in grade one and thinking how amazing it was that I could now greet this whole new world of people because I knew how to say “Bonjour…comment ca va?”

Some people travel to relax – time away, time to reflect, time to rejuvenate.

But the experiential traveller is mindful and intentional about the culture in which she enters.  The experiential traveller is looking not so much for a holiday, but rather for an experience.  A moment to experience a smile from a stranger, a new national dish, a variance of cultures, a diversity of ideas, a new way of remembering and recalling history, a journey that connects the traveller with her fellow humans and with herself.

We can never truly understand another, but with openness, honesty, acceptance, and integrity, we can embrace another.  Embrace another person.  Embrace another culture.  Embrace another way of life.

This blog will explore my own experiential travel journeys, the lessons I’ve learned in teaching others about experiential travels, and ideas to help you cultivate your own experiential journeys.

I call this MY EXPERIENTIAL TRAVELS not because I am focused on my own journey, but because I am hoping that, through reading and reflecting, you are inspired to create your own MY EXPERIENTIAL TRAVELS.

Happy reading, happy experiencing, and happy travelling!



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